HR Administration

Properly arranged and correct staff document flow is a foundation stone for the success of business operations. It should comply with the regulations and standards of the Russian Federation. Human resources administration is a system of competent staff management that ensures stability, reliability and controllability.

HR administration stages:

• General diagnosis of HR system operation
• Diagnosis of employees’ personal files, orders, and examination of HR documents for accuracy
• Thoughtful analysis of a company’s internal documents

The purpose of HR administration is to standardize and bring HR document flow in compliance with the Russian laws. Experts will evaluate the quality of personnel work and check the accuracy of documents regarding staff employment and dismissal. This will strengthen labor discipline and improve the efficiency of labor.

HR administration: objectives and solutions

— Outsource HR administration
— Put staff document flow into the appropriate condition.
— Elaborate documents as per the Russian standards
— Prepare HR documents to be audited by supervisory authorities
— Build up proper relations with employees
— Reveal disturbances
— Strengthen labor discipline
— Provide detailed consultation and hands-on information to a client’s specialist
— Evaluate employees’ performance.
— Draw up documents related to staff employment and dismissal as per the Russian Labor Code.

Benefits from human resources administration

HR administration comprises a wide range of activities (drawing up of pay slips, employment confirmation letters, calculation of employment duration, salary changes, record keeping of vacation). If this process is maintained inadequately, the company may incur not only fines, but also litigation.

The Russian laws stipulate liability for violation of the Tax Code. To make staff management viable, a company may contract a third party HR administration service provider. Services can be recurrent or one time only.

The outputs of outsourced HR administration will include appropriate condition of the HR document flow, standards of compliance with the Russian laws, and guidelines on further staff management. The company will save time input for recruitment of new HR specialists and have no need to create additional jobs and make salary payments.

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