HR Records Management

HR records management is a dedicated system for staff control, where completion of an operation is confirmed by a relevant document. Labor relations, staff details, staff flow and availability are reflected in special legally valid documents.

In HR records keeping, documents are made in compliance with the Russian laws:

— Internal documents must have the format convenient for a particular entity.
— External documents must follow the general requirements and rules to be legally valid.
— HR records must be kept in accordance with the archive service requirements.

A company must manage its HR records according to the Russian legal regulations and take into consideration all the peculiarities of the Russian Labor Code whenever it makes a new HR document.

HR records management activities

HR records management must include the following activities:
— Prepare source documents (regarding staff employment, dismissal, and transfer; vacation, business trips…)
— Analyze various risks of penalty or criminal sanctions for a failure to comply with the Labor Code.
— Keep staff records (personal files, employment record books, registers).
— Prepare and file reports with the Russian supervisory authorities.
— Prepare HR documents (sick slips, confirmation of employment, documents for staff employment and dismissal, pursuant to the existing regulations)
— Draw up documents related to compensations, pension and benefits.
Non-compliance with the Labor Code requirements has a disastrous effect expressed by fines and court proceedings.

HR records management: rights of personnel

A company management team must create a system for their staff’s personal information protection, as required by the Russian laws. All the employees’ details must be kept confidential. A company official may not check employees’ personal data (political and religious views), inspect their personal communication (email, social networks and mobile phone), eavesdrop on their phone conversations and collect data of certain types. Surveillance in different forms and disclosure of confidential data are strictly punishable by law and may result in litigation.
Relevant public authorities (employment centers, insurance funds, OSHA inspectorates) may check HR records for adequacy and correctness. The data generated during HR records keeping, are used by other departments within a company (for computation of salary, travel allowance, vacation pay, sick pay). Proper arrangement of HR records management is a recipe of the company’s success and reliability.

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