Migration Services

Migration services mean professional assistance to foreign individuals and companies coming to Russia for various purposes (education, work, permanent residence or private visit). The whole range of services related to migration laws is provided by qualified and experienced specialists in the shortest possible time in compliance with the Russian laws.

Migration services include assistance in:

— registration of visas and migration;
— migration for education or labor purposes;
— obtaining of Russian citizenship.

The Russian laws set tight deadlines to complete the formalities for foreign individuals and organizations who enter the Russian Federation. Ignorance of the laws and improper activities upon arrival in the Russian Federation may cause severe problems, including deportation from the country.

Migration services: main activities

Migration services are rendered by practice leaders in the migration law who can guarantee the best possible outcome:

— competent detailed advise regarding the applicable migration laws will be provided to a foreign citizen or company;
— obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation;
— registration with migration authorities and visa registration (or deregistration);
— file documents with the Federal Migration Service for approval;
— obtain a work permit, for a foreign citizen or company;
— pay required fees and charges;
— obtain a residence permit;
— obtain a permit for temporary residence in Russia;
— clients will be informed in advance about upcoming expiration of work permits and visas.

All migration services are provided in a legitimate way at your earliest convenience.

Benefits of migration services

Migration procedures must be performed within the time period set forth in the Russian laws. Delay in visa registration or registration with migration authorities will have negative consequences. Mere ignorance of the laws does not release foreigners from administrative and criminal sanctions for violation of the labor code. Migration services will avert the troubles and challenges foreigners face upon arrival in Russia.

Assistance of a qualified team of experts will save our clients’ time and money associated with the required documents. This will also prevent the risk of deportation and criminal and administrative sanctions. Our migration specialists will inform clients in advance of the visa or work permit expiration to avoid penalties and possible barriers in the implementation of their plans (education, employment, etc.).

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