Trademark Registration

Trademark is a symbol that identifies a business company and the goods (services) it produces. The function of a trademark is to distinguish a product from competitor’s goods.

Registration of a trademark includes the following steps:

— Create the trademark image (elaborate drawing, slogan, logo)
— Make sure that there are no similar trademarks already registered
— Submit an application to a special authority
— File the required package of documents
— Trademark registration
— Obtain a registration certificate.

Trademark registration is not obligatory for any one; besides, it is not the main requirement for legal protection. With trademark registration, a company may enjoy the right to make its product distinct among other similar products in the market.

Trademark registration: documents

To initiate the trade mark registration process, one should submit an application and necessary documents to a special institution indicating the following details:

— the company name and registered address (for individuals: details and residential address)
— bank details of an individual;
— a state registration certificate (for individuals: a personal identity document);
— Unified Tax payer personal number;
— a list of goods and services related to the trademark;
— a graphical image of the trademark in hard and soft copy;
— a power of attorney authorizing the company’s specialists acting on behalf of the applicant

Trademark registration procedure

Once the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent) has approved of the application, the trademark will be registered and a certificate will be issued. This process will be completed in 2 months after state duties are received. If the applicant fails to pay state duties, its application will be deemed withdrawn, and no registration will be effected. With correct documents, prompt payment of all necessary duties and a positive response from Rospatent, the applicant will receive its trademark registration within 30 days after application.

The issued certificate will be deemed valid for 10 years. The validity term may be extended upon the trademark owner’s request. To do so, the trademark owner should file an application within the 12 months preceding the certificate termination. Trademark registration may be facilitated by special qualified service providers. Professionals guarantee fast completion of registration procedure in compliance with the Russian laws. They will provide detailed advise, prepare all the necessary documents, receive the certificate and hand it over to the applicant.

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