Customs Escort

Customs escort is a service rendered by a third party that provides transportation escort (by road, rail, sea or air) of goods through the customs. This activity must be performed pursuant to the Russian laws and customs transit regulations.

Customs escort is obligatory, when:

— state duties and taxes where paid with delay;
— the freight carrier failed to follow the principle guidelines of the customs regulations;
— the freight is subject to restrictions and embargoes as per the Russian laws;
— the freight delivery point is outside a customs check point;
— the goods are delivered to a temporary storage area, since no permission for customs transit was obtained

Customs escort guarantees full integrity of freight and compliance with the customs regulations. If a company decides to use the customs escort service, the customs must deliver the service as soon as possible (within 24 hours).

Arrangement of customs escort

For the customs escort service, a customs declaration must be filled in, with indication of the following details:
1. Description of the goods
2. Details about the goods (code; packaging type)
3. Total value of the goods
4. Country of origin and country of destination
5. Transportation route
6. Means of transportation (car, train, plane, etc.)
7. Expected transportation time
8. Carrier details, consignee details

It is the head of the customs service who is responsible for customs escort arrangement. Freight transportation will be escorted by one customs unit. Where transportation cannot be continued, the personnel of the customs unit will be replaced.

Customs escort: transportation and arrival

The customs unit escorting the freight must strictly follow the safety rules. They must keep tight control over integrity of the goods, transportation facilities and documents and ensure that the same are delivered in their original condition to the destination point. It is strictly forbidden to carry unauthorized people in the escorting transportation vehicle. The escort team must keep communication with the senior customs officers. Escorting customs officers bear administrative and criminal responsibility for inappropriate fulfillment of the task or violation of safety rules, under the existing laws of the Russian Federation.

As the escort unit arrives at the point of destination, a relevant entry is made in the acceptance certificate. The shipping documents are handed over to the customs officers at the destination point who are obliged to check the delivered freight for integrity and make sure its condition has not changed. Customs escort services ensure legal transportation of goods and prevent import and export of prohibited items to/from the Russian Federation.

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