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Solnatax will generate a report about events in your industry for a specified period, according to the nature of your business. SOLNATAX BRIEF report will be made exclusively for you. You can count on this report that will allow you to track all the legislative changes applicable to your industry. Comments from Solnatax professional team will help you take adequate decisions.



Each and every second of your time is valuable, and we are very well aware of that. SOLNATAX BRIEF is terse and concise. Reading news and our experts’ suggestions will not take your time.



Advisory comments made by our team of professionals for SOLNATAX BRIEF will equip you with guidelines of real practical value which must be followed for the reason of changes affecting your industry.

SOLNATAX BRIEF was created specially for your benefit!


If you are a business owner or a chief financial officer of general counsel  who would like to be promptly informed of the industry-specific events and who sees the value of time, SOLNATAX BRIEF is exactly what you need.

SOLNATAX BRIEF is your customized report covering a wide range of matters relating to legal developments and other events that could impact your business. We provide official information relevant to your area accompanied by expert recommendations that will contribute to proper decision-making.

With SOLNATAX BRIEF, our clients are kept continuously updated of the latest matters, legislative trends, governmental initiatives and policy makers who affect your business.

You will no longer need to spend your precious time searching various sources for data about changes in legislation and legislative trends and analyzing the data. Solnatax will gather and process all the news concerning your area and forward the most critical one to you, along with our expert opinion.

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