Legal Services for Company Registration

Company registration is the initial step a company should take to start its entrepreneurial activity and conduct its business in a proper manner. Company registration procedure is established in the Russian laws and is binding for all enterprises and organizations.

Company registration comprises several stages:

— elaborate the financial structure;
— select a form of incorporation
— prepare drafts of constituent documents;
— undergo the registration process pursuant to the Russian laws.

To successfully complete all the registration stages, the applicant must have profound knowledge of the laws and sufficient skills in preparation of documents. Many entrepreneurs use external legal services for this purpose.

Legal services: registration procedure

With third-party legal services, the applicant’s company will be registered with the supervisory authorities in good time, thus the company will be saved from fines and, in some cases, from administrative and criminal sanctions.

Company registration procedure:

1. Approve the name of the company (organization).
2. Conclude an agreement, with the indication of the applicant’s legal address.
3. The applicant selects economic activities.
4. Hold a founding members meeting, draw up minutes of the meeting
5. Form the charter capital
6. Conclude a founders agreement.
7. Adopt the company’s charter.
8. Prepare and file all documents, including the application for registration.
9. Pay state duties.

It is also critical to thoroughly study all the documents required for registration before signing those documents, and to file reports in proper time. Many businesses engage qualified legal services providers in the registration process.

Legal services: advantages

Expertise-based provision of company registration services is based on proficiency and knowledge of all legal standards and regulations. Registration will be complete in the shortest time possible and in full compliance with the Russian laws. The company owner will save time and money that might be required to pay penalties for delayed reporting to the supervisory authorities.

State registration implies automatic tax registration, upon which the company will receive a certificate with an individual taxpayer number. Expert legal services take into consideration all peculiarities and nuances of document preparation, so the entrepreneur will be relieved from the need to check and scrutinize agreements and documents before signing them.

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