Legal Services for Businesses

An entrepreneurial activity can be a success only as long as documentation is appropriately prepared, transactions are transparent and payments to the regulatory authorities are made on a timely basis. For the best effect, smart management of business operations should be combined with quality legal services. Legal support is intended to ensure proper conduct of business as permitted by the Russian laws. If the approach to management processes is wrong, it will result in significant losses, even insolvency and further liquidation.

Nowadays, managers tend to apply for legal support of their business to ensure efficient and proactive management and prevention of various potential risks. Professional lawyers and competent experts will foster the proper conduct of business, full awareness of deals and contracts and transparency of business transactions.

Service scope

Legal support services comprise the following:
— Expert advise from a professional lawyer; detailed information on legal issues.
— Legal support of negotiations to rule out potential risks.
— Participation in processing of transactions and preparation of contracts
— Scrupulous analysis of internal documents
— Recommendations how to bring internal documents into an appropriate condition.
— Preparation and filing of documents with the relevant authorities.
— Research and analysis of a company’s financial standing and business condition
— Building internal and external business relations in accordance with the Russian laws.
— Obtain certificates and licenses.


For correct and adequate administration of a company’s legal processes, its officials should hire highly-competent single-discipline lawyers with years of hands-on experience. Besides, they will need special equipment and work places. To do so, the company will incur significant expenses and spend time on recruitment. Outsourced legal support services will remove the necessity of having a team of full-time lawyers, while the owner may choose at his/her own discretion which particular service is needed for the time being.

The effectiveness and quality of services depend on a service provider reputation proven by its clients’ feedback. Legal support services for business companies must be rendered by proficient specialists with relevant education and solid legal work experience. Before requesting a service, it is advisable to consider how many years the legal service provider has been working in this area. A successful firm must have years of effective operation and guarantee the quality of its services.

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