Reconstruction of financial accounts
and tax records

To avoid the consequences of prolonged non-management of accounting, which can prove to be fatal for business, we recommend that you use reconstruction services.

Actions performed when reconstructing financial accounts are as follows:

  • fixing and creation of new accounting registers;
  • reconstruction of primary documents;
  • performance of reconciliation checks with supervisory services;
  • submission of tax returns and reports to the corresponding authorities.

Maintenance of accounting and
tax records

We will provide high-quality and timely management of accounting of your organization, more specifically:

  • preparation of a full package of accounting documents in accordance with the legislative requirements;
  • payroll preparation;
  • workflow arrangement;
  • preparation of tax and accounting records;
  • transfer of documents to supervisory services;
  • interaction with tax inspectorates.

Outsourcing of individual accounting sectors

You can outsource any of the sectors to streamline the work of the internal accounting department.

In most cases, our clients prefer to outsource the following sectors:

  • Pay office
  • Bank
  • Payroll preparation and HR management
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Fixed assets.

Corporate financial accounting

The use of financial outsourcing provides the company with a high-quality work of qualified experts without the need of participation of the financial director.

Main work criteria:

  • Maintenance of management accounting, drawing up of reports.
  • Planning of organization activity and budget.
  • Creation of business plans and projects.
  • Documenting of loan proceeds.
  • Management of payments and planning of cash inflow.
  • Introduction of automated control systems.

Operations support

We provide the following services to increase the efficiency of your business activity:

  • Development of business plans and strategical plans
  • Analysis of investment projects
  • Assessment before the closure of a deal
  • Tax due diligence
  • Financial due diligence
  • Tax registration
  • Consultation on financial issues
  • Audit of individual sectors and risk assessment
  • Specialized audit (tax, corporate))
  • Risk management

Tax consulting

Tax consulting streamlines tax payments and calculates the exact amount. Thanks to that, the client has the seamless reputation of a punctual taxpayer. Business output capability is increased, and the efficiency of company work is improved. Tax consulting ensures the reasonableness of tax payments in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, transparency of contracts and deals, as well as protects the client's interests in internal revenue services.

Purposes of use of tax consulting:

  • Streamlining of tax payments and calculations in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Significant decrease of risks of incorrect calculation of taxes and charges.

Financial consulting

Financial consulting performs the diagnostics of the state of financial management and creates a strategy for capital increase and the improvement of the working efficiency of the financial department.

All the operations are performed by professional experts having a sufficient amount of knowledge in the given specific field of work.

Legal Services

Accreditation of foreign representational offices

We will support the process of obtaining of the indefinite accreditation of a foreign company in as short a time as possible from A to Z.


We will formalize the cargo and transportation process (to the extent reasonably practical – with the minimum financial investments). We provide commercial entities with practical, efficient, and absolutely lawful assistance when passing the "customs barriers."

Migration services

Fields of provision of services:

  • visa and migration registration;
  • labor and educational migration;
  • citizenship of the Russian Federation.

The client avoids risks that could lead to his/her exclusion from a country and eliminates the danger of incurrence of criminal and administrative liability. Migration services timely notify the client concerning the end of the validity period of a visa or work permit thereby helping the client avoid the payment of penalties and any issues in the process of implementation of his/her plans (getting education, finding a job).

Legal services for company registration

Company registration is performed in multiple steps:

  • development of the maintenance of the company's financial arrangements;
  • selection of the type of organizational and legal corporate management;
  • preliminary development of drafts of constituent documents;
  • performance of the registration procedure in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Support for the opening of a settlement account – as a gift.

Legal support for business

The service "Legal support for business" provides the client with the following actions:

  • Consultation by a professional lawyer, provision of detailed information on legal issues.
  • Legal support in negotiation processes with a view to prevent any possible risks.
  • Participation in the closure of deals and drawing up of contracts.
  • In-depth analysis of internal documents.
  • Recommendations on the bringing of internal documents to the proper condition.
  • Preparation, drawing up, and transfer of documents to the corresponding services.
  • Study and analysis of the financial and business states of the entity.
  • Improvement of internal and external relations in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Obtaining of certificates and licenses.

Payroll preparation and HR record management

HR record management and administration

We will take upon ourselves any routine and labor-consuming functions that are of great importance to the company related to HR record management and administration:

  • Preparation of primary documents (hiring, dismissal, transfer of employees; documenting of leaves and business trips)..
  • Analysis of various risks related to penalties and criminal liability due to non-fulfillment of any Clauses of the Labor Code.
  • Maintenance of HR records (personnel record files, employment record books, and log books).
  • Preparation and documenting of the necessary reports to be submitted to the supervisory services of the Russian Federation.
  • Drawing up of HR documents (sick slips, certificates of employment, documents related to the hiring and dismissal of employees in accordance with the applicable legislation).
  • Drawing up of documents related to compensatory payments, retirement benefits, and allowances.

Upon completion of experts' work, the company will have its HR workflow in the appropriate state and receive standards of compliance with the Russian Federation along with recommendations on the further HR management. The company will significantly reduce time expenditure related to recruitment and staffing. There is no need to create any additional jobs and pay wages.

Payroll preparation

Solnatax will take upon itself the full support of a routine and labor-consuming sector of payroll preparation, which will significantly affect the work load of the accounting department and help minimize risks related to penalties and fines from control authorities.